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The Benefits Of Autumn Camping in a Campervan

No matter what the season, hiring a campervan is always a good idea - the possibilities for adventure are endless! But as the weather gets colder and we are well and truly in the midst of Autumn, we have given you a run down of some of the benefits to camping in a campervan this Autumn.

Autumn leaves and trees.

Emptier Campsites 

Emptier campsites is one great benefit of camping in Autumn with less crowds and campsites receiving fewer bookings during the off-peak season, this means you have a higher chance of securing the best spot! Whether that's the Scottish borders, the Lake District or Cumbria - there's so much to discover when you hire a campervan. Cooler Mornings & Nights

Cooler Mornings & Nights

We've all been there as a camper, being awoken by the sweltering heat on a Summer camping. One of the key benefits of camping in Autumn is more sleep! You'll be sure to get some extra shut eye when camping in a campervan in the cooler months, thanks to less sunshine and heat each day. More sleep means more energy to explore in your campervan, what more could you want? Clearer Skies for Stargazing Autumn and Spring are the best times of year to stargaze due to the fact it gets darker earlier and it's warmer than the Winter months. Our campsite is located at one of the best stargazing spots in the UK, amongst the beautiful Northumberland dark skies. Take a look at this Dark Sky Calendar to discover the best times of each month to stargaze. 

The Chance to Get Cosy

Think fluffy blankets, fairy lights and hot chocolates with marshmallows, the colder weather means the chance to get cosy in your campervan. There's nothing more comforting than wrapping up warm in a duvet whilst still feeling connected to the outdoors, looking out the windows of your campervan and taking in the wonderful scenery right in front of your eyes.

Cosy pjs, fairy lights and legs.

Where will you choose to cosy up this Autumn? 

More Affordable When looking at a campsite booking calendar, you’ll notice that the prices increase in the summer months due to higher demand during peak periods. It's great to make the most of the lower price of pitches during the off-peak season, when we often still have some good days of weather and there's plenty of Autumn activities to enjoy.  

Beautiful Scenery 

There's no season quite like Autumn for the amazing scenery. The red and orange tones of the leaves and foliage are simply stunning. You'll have plenty of scenery to explore in your campervan, whether that's Northumberland, Cumbria, the Scottish Borders or the Lake District. 

Where will you explore? 

Make sure to tag us in your photos on social media of where you end up pitching up. We thought we'd finish on this wonderful quote from Alfred Wainwright, we certainly agree with this one! 

So what are you waiting for? Book your Autumn campervan pitch here!