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Must Try Scottish Foods


Scotland boasts world-class produce, from traditional haggis for a hearty Scottish meal to tasty tablet for satisfying those sweet taste buds. In this article we take a closer look at the varied range of Scottish 'must eat' foods that we definitely recommend trying when you visit our Edinburgh camping and glamping site.


Haggis is probably one of the most well known Scottish foods and according to History Today, its origins still remain a mystery. Some believe that it was brought over by the Romans. It was typically seen as a dish eaten by the poor as it consists of cheap cuts of meat that would usually be thrown away. Haggis has since become an integral part of Burns Night that takes place on the 25th January when Scotland's national poet Robert Burns is celebrated.

Haggis is typically served in the dish, haggis, neeps and tatties which consists of haggis, potatoes, turnips or swedes and spring onions. Haggis is also often served as part of traditional Scottish breakfast.

Wondering where you can get your haggis fix in Edinburgh? Here a few recommendations below.

Whiski Bar & Restaurant

Arcade Bar: Haggis & Whisky House

The Last Drop


Tattie Scones

A tattie scone is another Scottish delicacy and typically consists of boiled potatoes, butter and salt. They are usually served as part of a full Scottish breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and lorne sausage. According to Food History, some claim it comes from the Dutch word ‘schoonbrot’, which means beautiful bread, while others argue it comes from Stone of Destiny, where the Kings of Scotland were crowned.

Wondering where you can try this wonderful Scottish delicacy in Edinburgh? We've pulled together some of our recommendations below.

Cafe Marmalade

The Coffee Mill

City Cafe

Tattie Scones

Aberdeen Angus Beef

Aberdeen angus beef is one of Britain's favourite breeds, best known for its taste, succulence and consistency. Aberdeen angus beef is best served as a hearty steak or a juicy burger.

Here are a few recommended places in Edinburgh to get your Aberdeen angus beef fix!

Kyloe Restaurant & Grill

Wildfire Restaurant

Queens Arms

tasty steak


Evidence suggests that Scottish tablet dates back to at least the early 1700s. What is tablet exactly? Scottish tablet has a gritty, melt in the mouth texture that is extremely sweet. It is usually made with condensed milk, butter and sugar. It is a much loved confectionary amongst many Scots.

Wondering where to buy tablet when you visit Edinburgh? Here are a few recommendations below.

The Fudge House of Edinburgh

Bains Retro Sweets

Tasty Fudge

Fish & Chips

Although fish and chips is a delicacy enjoyed across the whole of Britain, the seafood caught in the waters of Scotland is well known for being of the highest quality so its no wonder fish and chips are so popular in Scotland.

Here are some of the best places to enjoy fish and chips in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Bertie's Proper Fish & Chips

L'Alba D'Oro

The City Restaurant

Fish, Chips, Mushy Peas and Tarter Sauce