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How To Stay Cool Whilst Camping In Summer


There can be nothing better than Summer camping - long evenings, chilled drinks outdoors, BBQs, woodland walks, beach fun. What better way to celebrate the return of the Summer holiday than spending Summer in Edinburgh? Drummohr Camping and Glamping site is ideally located on the shores of the Firth of Forth with easy access to East Lothian and allows you to combine the best of both worlds when visiting Scotland’s capital city. What advice do we have about keeping cool in Summer? 

Firth of Forth with Drummohr in the distant background

Choose your pitch carefully 

To aid you in keeping cool in Summer, many campsites offer pitches with electric hook-up even for tents. This allows you to keep food and drink cold in either a fridge or electric cool box and to use a portable fan if you have one. Keeping food cold is essential to prevent the risk of harmful bacteria and minimise food wastage when the temperatures are high. Bring food frozen if you can and avoid opening the fridge or cool box unnecessarily. Pack any excess space with frozen water bottles which can be used as a skin cooler or be drank.  We have facilities for people to re-freeze icepacks if required. All the pitches at Drummohr Camping and Glamping have electric hook-up. 

When camping in Summer, where possible select a tent or touring pitch in the shade or pitch in an area that will be coolest during the hottest hours of the day. Letting trees absorb the direct sunlight rather than the fabric of your tent is much better. Remember that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so think about its direction when pitching. If possible, pitch your tent door into the direction of the wind so you are able to capture any breeze that is about.

Another tip for keeping cool in Summer is that in extreme heat if your tent is small enough it may be easier to take it down during the day. Summer camping near water can also be cooler but you should be aware that this may attract additional insects and bugs. 

Bring the right equipment 

It’s often difficult to sleep at night when camping in Summer. Consider your sleeping equipment by swapping a sleeping bag for a simple sheet if necessary and selecting cotton over heavier fabrics. You can buy silk sleeping bag liners which are ideal. 

Sleeping outdoors may be an option but you should consider your security and safety before doing so.  

Consider that the ground may be hard after a prolonged spell of dry weather and heavier duty pegs may be needed for tents or awnings.  Draping a special shade sheet over your tent may provide additional shade for the living area. 

Things to remember including staying hydrated, sleeping mats, mallet and pegs.

Stay hydrated 

When Summer camping, drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated and prevent against over-heating. Bring re-usable water bottles and re-fill them on site from the free drinking water stations provided. Sip water constantly and ensure that if your children are playing outdoors that they drink plenty too. And don’t forget your pets. Never leave children or animals in a vehicle in the sun. 

Water can also be used to soak a towel, bandana or even a worn T-shirt to place on your neck to cool down. Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine if it is particularly warm as this has a de-hydrating effect. Alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.  Have a cold shower before bed to make yourself as comfortable as possible before you try to sleep. 

Protect your skin 

One of the benefits of Summer camping is you are always outdoors but you need to take extra steps to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. UV rays can cause premature skin aging, skin cancer and eye damage, as well as painful sunburn. If spending your Summer in Edinburgh, always use sunscreen and make sure children are topped up regularly. Be extra careful to re-apply after you have been in water. Wear a hat and sunglasses for additional protection. Keep out of the sun when it’s hottest. 

Camping in Summer invariably means there will be more insects and bug around, particularly in Scotland where there could be midges. Covering your skin at dawn and dusk is the best prevention but there are also several insect repellent sprays available. Apply them early and ensure you wash them off thoroughly before bed. 

Sleep when it’s dark 

Whilst the temptation when spending the Summer in Edinburgh camping may be to stay up late remember that the sun rises early and can quickly heat up a tent, caravan or motorhome. The further north you are, the earlier the sun will rise. Ensuring that you maximise your sleep during the dark hours allows you to move outside once the morning sun starts to heat the tent. Keep doors, windows and curtains closed where possible even during the day, particularly those that face the direct sunlight. 

The views of Lammermuir Hills

Find some shade 

The benefit of Summer camping outdoors is that there is normally an opportunity to find some shade. Try to avoid excess physical exertion in the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are strongest. There are plenty of local woodland where a shaded woodland walk Scotland under the tree cover can provide some protection.

There are plenty of local woodland where a shaded woodland walk Scotland under the tree cover can provide some protection. Some of our favourite woodland walks Edinburgh are Dalkeith Country Park, Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum, Pressmennan Wood and Butterdean Wood. The Scotsman also features an article on the best 5 woodland walks Edinburgh which you can read by clicking HERE. Woodland walks Scotland are also dog friendly too although you should make sure that you give your dog plenty of water and avoid walking them if the ground is too hot. The Pentland and Lammermuir Hills are also perfect for woodland walks Edinburgh. 

Find some water 

Sometimes it can be breezier and cooler on the coast and East Lothian is blessed with a huge number of beaches where you can sunbathe, swim and enjoy water sports. You can read about the best East Lothian beaches on our website HERE. If you are wondering which beaches in East Lothian have lifeguards, the RNLI have an excellent website. Coldingham Bay is the only one close to Drummohr.  

Going into water can also cool you down and there are plenty of water options in East Lothian. When entering cold open water please be aware of the impact that this might have on your body as well as the dangers of drowning particularly where there are no lifeguards or might be rip tides or currents. Wild swimming is particularly popular in the calm waters of the Firth of Forth and there are regular weekend events including at Portobello beach. 

For watersports check out Foxlake Adventures, a cable wakeboard park. Dunbar is the county’s surfing hub and there are various surfing centres offering lessons and equipment for hire.  

For those looking for an indoor pool the Mercat Gait Sports Centre and Musselburgh Sports Centre are both a short drive from Drummohr. Dunbar Leisure Pool also has slides for extra fun. 

Drummohr Camping and Glamping offers grass touring and tent pitches with electric, hard-standing touring pitches with electric, glamping pods and bothies, Scottish lodges with hot tub and luxury self-catering with hot tub and is perfect for Summer camping in Edinburgh.